About The Event

Welcome to The Redneck Raft Out.  Grand Lake, Oklahoma’s largest and loudest annual Labor Day Weekend party!  Load up your boat with family, friends and beverages, and come enjoy a truly unique concert experience.  A floating stage with professional rigging and a flown line array concert sound system, located in a protected cove is the backdrop for this on-the-water-only event featuring The Gasoline Gypsies, Framing The Red, Travis Bond and the Rebel Souls, The Faulconer Duo and 5,000+ attendees from around the US


Our Venue

This one of a kind floating stage is set in the middle of Check-In Bay located on the beautiful Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma. One weekend a year we raise the rigging, fly the speakers and host the best concert experience on the lake. 


Jump In On The Fun!

The Redneck Raft Out is an on-the-water event, accessible only by boat or personal watercraft. There is NO shoreline access!  This year it will take place on September 5, 2020 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Load up your boat with your friends, put on your bikini and grab your beer for this FREE family friendly on-the-water concert experience.


What To Expect...

Please throw your trash away in a garbage bag! DO NOT litter! Littering is stupid and pointless. Tie some bags to your boat for others to use. We want to keep Grand Lake clean! 

Respect ALL law enforcement! They have a hard enough time dealing with goofy dipshit assholes every day and don’t need any aggravation from you.

This is a family friendly event, please make sure you have USGC personal floatation devices for children under the age of 12.

 Whatever you do, stay hydrated with WATER!

 Always have a Designated Driver for your boat. DO NOT drive your boat drunk!


...While You're Here

Tie-up on a raft-up line.  Do not just go drop an anchor by yourself or with a couple of boats.  We have to get a LOT of boats in so don't be that guy taking up space unnecessarily!

Please have your fenders and dock lines ready before you approach to tie up on a line.

 While in the swim area, please do not hang off the stage or tie a raft/mat to the stage.

If you are new to our lake or just want to brush up on GRDA Boating Laws please visit:

Don’t be an asshole. And don’t bring assholes on your boat to these events.  Make some new friends and help your neighbors tie up with you!

 If you are a boat owner, you are Captain  of your ship and 100% responsible for everything that happens on your boat and for everyone you bring to the event. Keep this in mind, always.